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Ilyssa Guerra, MHC Intern

•Currently accepting New Clients •

Ilyssa Guerra is a Masters’ in Mental Health Counseling student at Touro University.
In 2021, she received her Bachelors’ degree cum laude in Psychology with a concentration on
Developmental Psychology from the City of New York School of Professional Studies. She has
experience counseling in a nonprofit behavioral health clinic. She understands, speaks, and
writes in English, Spanish, and French.

Ilyssa views therapy as a collaborative process in which the therapist strengthens the client in
the creation of goals and strife for well-being. Ilyssa believes that it is important for each
individual to acknowledge, display and feel comfortable with their authentic selves, find
strengths/positivity in their lives, and overall find compassion, love, and care within themselves.
Her therapeutic goals include getting a client to a state of holistic well-being, creating a safe,
empathic, open-minded space for each client, and helping the client to see beyond their current
stressors and/or diagnosis.

Ilyssa uses diverse therapeutic techniques and modalities depending upon the needs of the
client. These therapies and skills include dialectic behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral
therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, feminist therapy, Gestalt therapy, narrative
therapy, bibliotherapy, and art therapy. Psychological populations of interest include individuals
struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and grief. Populations of interest include working with adolescents/teenagers/young adults,LGBTQ+ population, BIPOC population.

Low Fee and Sliding scale available 

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